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 Date  NOTAM  Facility   State   Type  Description  Zoom    
 05/24/2016  6/9289  FDC  FL  SPACE OPERATIONS  KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL, Thursday, May 26, 2016 through Friday, May 27, 2016 UTC   
 04/15/2016  6/0126  ZDC  USA  SPECIAL  WASHINGTON, DC, EFFECTIVE 1604151720    zoom to 6/0126  
 02/09/2016  6/2085  ZDC  USA  SECURITY  WASHINGTON, DC, EFFECTIVE 1602100501 UTC    zoom to 6/2085  
 02/09/2016  6/2062  ZDC  USA  SECURITY  WASHINGTON, DC, EFFECTIVE 1602100501 UTC    zoom to 6/2062  
 02/09/2016  6/2060  ZDC  USA  SECURITY  WASHINGTON, DC, EFFECTIVE 1602100501 UTC    zoom to 6/2060  
 10/27/2014  4/3621  FDC  USA  SECURITY   USA, Monday, October 27, 2014 UTC   
 01/26/2009  9/2934  ZFW  TX  VIP  Dallas, TX    zoom to 9/2934  
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