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NOTAM Number : FDC 0/5353
Issue Date : July 27, 2020 at 2310 UTC
Type : Space Operations

Plain Language text is not available for this NOTAM. The traditional NOTAM text is given below:

FDC 0/5353 ZAN AK..AIRSPACE KODIAK, AK..TEMPORARY FLIGHT RESTRICTIONS PURSUANT TO 14 CFR SECTION 91.143 TEMPORARY FLIGHT RESTRICTIONS ARE IN EFFECT WI AN AREA BOUNDED BY 572812.96N/1524338.41W TO 573517.84N/1523448.70W TO 573659.39N/1522140.78W TO 573231.30N/1515128.70W TO 572816.53N/1515056.15W TO 572645.71N/1515326.09W TO 571245.69N/1520105.11W TO 570942.97N/1522303.72W TO 570617.05N/1523027.26W TO 565732.39N/1524238.38W BACK TO THE ORIGINAL POINT. SFC-FL600 DUE TO ROCKET LAUNCH ACT. EFFECTIVE 2008030200 UTC (1800 LOCAL 08/02/20) UNTIL 2008080430 UTC (2030 LOCAL 08/07/20). DLY 0200-0430 (1800-2030 LOCAL) ANCHORAGE /ZAN/ ARTCC TELEPHONE 907-269-1103 IS THE FAA CDN FACILITY. 2008030200-2008080430

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ARTCC: ZAN - Anchorage Center
Authority: Title 14 CFR section 91.143
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